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Many of the significant improvements that can be achieved in a wash bay are quite simple to implement. Chiefs Australia has designed and developed a range of wash bay options that can bring efficiencies to most operations, producing time and money savings immediately after installation, setup and training.

The most popular option is the Australian designed and manufactured Injecta Chem, combined with German manufactured application equipment This provides the option of having up to four Chiefs touchless chemical products available to wash bay staff at a twist of the handle. An alternative system (ST-164) is also available that allows for two chemical products plus a dedicated water path.

The products for an Injecta Chem can be customised according to the needs of the operation. For example, Nerta Active Diamond for trailers, Chiefs Platinum Wash for prime movers with polished aluminium, Full Force Degreaser to degrease and Nerta Carnet Jumbo for the company utes.

The system is also increasingly being adopted for the removal of more stubborn contaminates, such as red dirt typically found in WA, with the use of Chiefs own Duo Wash formula. Duo Wash is our most powerful dirt removal system yet and is already bringing significant savings to some of the larger fleets operating in Australia.

Chemical usage through the Injecta Chem is also set at a constant ratio, normally around 100:1, which ensures a massive saving on product usage. In addition, being touchless, vehicles can be cleaned in a fraction of the time compared to traditional “bucket and broom” methods.

Setup is quick and simple as the system can be matched to any existing pressure washer. It comes with a German Suttner chemical resistance easy trigger gun, new lances with fitted ceramic tips and either a single Suttner foamer or a rollover lance. All these quick connect to the gun for ease of use.

At Chiefs, we offer both installation and staff training on the various chemicals, PPE requirements and best practice on how to clean your fleet as efficiently as possible.

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Wash Bays - Chiefs Australia
Wash Bays - Chiefs Australia
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For more information or an on-site demonstration by Chiefs or your local distributor.

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