Renovate Cleans

Renovation Cleans
Some vehicles and equipment become heavily stained from their working environment. Removing or renovating stains such as red iron ore, heavy mineral stains, built up road grime or just old tired paintwork has always been an expensive and labour-intensive task. The Chiefs Duo Wash system is a powerful solution that deals with stains as gently as possible, allowing a skilled operator to fully renovate equipment simply, and as often as needed.

The Chiefs Duo Wash system is unique in that it does not rely on extremely powerful components to aggressively cut through heavy grime. Instead, two chemically opposed solutions are applied sequentially at relatively low dilutions to the surface, creating a reaction on top of the grime. This reaction is visible immediately and releases stains very quickly. Severe stains can be dealt with by rinsing and reapplying straight away and the system is designed to quickly manage this.

Chiefs Duo Wash can safely be used frequently at low dilutions to maintain equipment in high contamination environments or it can be used at high dilutions to “renovate” equipment less frequently. Renovation cleaning is often used to bring equipment back to ‘square one’ to add value before sale or to get fleets back in shape. A complete renovation wash is impressive to behold as it is so quick and can be used in place of sandblasting and repainting.

The Duo Wash system features intuitive and simple hardware that allows an operator to quickly switch from product application to high pressure rinse at the gun. Changing between chemicals is done at the wall mounted injector to ensure the chemicals are applied in the correct order. This design is ergonomic and enables an operator to use the system for extended periods, increasing wash bay throughput.

The Chiefs Duo Wash system is well tested and has been transforming fleets across the country in the harshest conditions. This solution is the closest thing we have to a ‘silver bullet’ and has been a great success our customers who love maintaining their fleets to higher standards than their competition.

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