Keeping the fleet clean may not seem to be a major expense, but costs in man hours, water use and unproductive vehicle time can add up. Our systems are designed to suit existing setups, keeping initial costs low.

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Increased Throughput

An intuitive system, designed to reduce cleaning time by speeding up the application of products which are engineered to loosen the grime for you. Fewer steps in the cleaning process result in less manpower than traditional washing, which can lead to an increase in wash-bay use.


Solutions to suit

Chiefs well proven foaming solutions with single or multiple applicators, can be installed to suit both driver or wash bay staff situations. With products developed to target specific contaminates, results are improved. Tailoring a solution to suit the vehicle type, size and condition will result in bottom line saving.

Transport - Chiefs Australia

Effective, not harsh

Designed for brand new vehicles with fresh paint, our soft, prewash chemicals are advanced enough to loosen the contamination without adversely affecting the duco. Applied as a creamy dense foam, Chiefs products ‘pull’ at the grime by disrupting the static bond between the grime and the vehicle. With Chiefs premium applicators and unique washing technique, there is little need for agitation.

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