Become a Chiefs Authorised Dealer

Chiefs Australia is looking for new authorised dealers for the supply of their touchless vehicle cleaning products and applicators.

We are a family owned Australian company supplying environmentally responsible, touchless vehicle cleaning products and application solutions into the automotive, agricultural, mining and earthmoving industries.

These solutions are designed to make vehicle cleaning less labour intensive, consuming a lot less product than traditional cleaning methods.

We supply a complete selection of high-quality touchless cleaning chemicals manufactured both in Belgium and locally, which satisfy most vehicle cleaning requirements in the industry sectors mentioned above.

It takes as little as 10 minutes to clean a prime mover and a 25L drum of product generally cleans around 100+ prime movers.

The product applicators are all designed and manufactured in Germany and scale for suitability from the domestic market to large national companies

Chiefs are inviting expressions of interest from suitable companies Australia wide, to join their ever expanding network of authorised dealers. Simply fill in our Authorised Dealer Q & A – Web, email it to the address that appears on the form and you will be contacted, without delay.

Please note that due to our ever expanding list of dealers, not all geographical regions may be available.

Please supply us with the following information

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