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Chiefs Australia is sole supplier of Nerta and Kenotek touchless cleaning chemicals, and a national supplier of a wide range of Suttner and Mosmatic foam and high/low pressure application equipment. These products are amongst the most well respected in Europe and North America.

The advantages of touchless cleaning is that all types of vehicles and equipment can be cleaned in a fraction of the time, using far less product in comparison to manual cleaning.

These solutions generally include applying the soap in the form of a dense foam applied through a Suttner high pressure foamer or downstream high pressure chemical injector, connected to a pressure washer. These foamers and injectors automatically mix the soap and water to as little as 1% soap and 99% water.

Chiefs Australia, in conjunction with their family of authorised dealers, specialise in setting up cleaning solutions for large trucking / earthmoving / rail / bus / mining / agriculture and government wash bays, right through to single operators and customers in the domestic market.

This site provides explanations, technical information, videos and support. Chiefs Australia has many satisfied customers, who continue to benefit from the advantages their solutions bring to their cleaning operation. 

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