We have put together a list of the most commonly asked questions and supplied a simple answer for your benefit. For additional information on any of these topics or on items not mentioned, please contact either your local Authorised Dealer or Chiefs Australia on 07 5493 8868 or email clientsupport@chiefsaustralia.com 

All our products are bio-degradable and our SDS documentation can be found in the Safety Data Sheets section of this website. We do advise that users follow the PPE recommendations in the SDS.

Our goal at Chiefs is to remain an entrepreneurial and independent company by bringing sustainable cleaning solutions for vehicles, equipment and premises, in a variety of industries. Our detergent manufacturing plants are some of the most progressive and environmental-friendly within the sector.

You can purchase from any one of our authorised dealers, all of which can be found in our Authorised Dealer Locator. Alternatively, contact our sales office at sales@chiefsaustralia.com or by calling (07) 5493 8868.

There are four main foaming cleaning products. Carnet JumboActive Diamond, Platinum Wash and Cargo 4100. In addition, we have Chiefs Duo Wash, our strongest cleaning product available. This is a two step system which differs from the foaming products in a number of ways.

A number of ‘special purpose’ products includes Anti-InsectSuper Degreaser, Bio Polish, Interior Cleaner, Full Force Degreaser and Annihilator.

Full product details can be viewed in the Chemicals section of the Product Catalogue page.

No. You can expect a 90% – 95% clean when using a touchless method to clean any vehicle or piece of equipment. You will however, reduce your cleaning time significantly and use much less product than conventional cleaning. You will also avoid scratching paintwork, as may occur with a broom or sponge.

Although our products can be used, mixed in a bucket and scrubbed with a broom or sponge, it is recommended to apply via a high pressure foamer or foam lance, connected to a pressure cleaner.
Different applications will determine what type of pressure is required. For example, cleaning trucks, trailers and earth moving equipment, we would recommend a pressure cleaner delivering around 3000 psi at 15 lpm.
For cleaning a car or bike in a domestic environment, a standard electric pressure cleaner can work very well, but a minimum of 9 lpm and 1500 psi is recommended.

Yes. You will save on both.

To clean a prime mover you will use around 150ml of soap, which you can clean in as little as 15 minutes.
To put this into perspective, 25L of Carnet Jumbo will clean between up to 120 prime movers and up to 400 family sized cars.

  • Foam is visible on surfaces and eliminates repeat applications
  • Foam uses 90% less chemical than traditional methods
  • Foam is quicker and easier to apply
  • Foam can be applied to difficult to reach areas and still clean effectively
  • Foam is safer to apply
  • Foam adheres to the surface longer giving more contact time = a better clean
  • Foam uses less water


If used as directed, our products will never damage your cars. Our products are all manufactured to highly regulated European and Australian standards, are biodegradable and phosphate free. Products that have a high percentage of sodium hydroxide, (caustic) generally tend to render paint chalky after extended exposure and will also strip wax etc. Having said this, sodium hydroxide is an excellent and cost effective chemical used in most vehicle cleaning products but does come with “side effects” when the concentration is high.

Our chemicals are specifically designed to be used through a high pressure foamer, so we depend more on smart science than brute cleaning power.

Carnet Jumbo contains 0% sodium hydroxide and only uses around 1% soap once applied through a foamer or foam lance. However, it still cleans just as well if not better than caustic high products. Now that’s smart science!!

When washing a vehicle using conventional methods you firstly apply soap, wash using a sponge or a broom and then rinse off with water from the top to the bottom.
Touchless washing is a bit different.
Soap is applied through a high pressure foamer and then high pressure water is used as a “sponge or a broom”. The water is worked back into fresh soap, either from the bottom to the top or backwards in the case of trucks and trailers etc. In this way, the soap is used more efficiently. (If you wash from the top down, you would simply wash the soap off the vehicle which defeats the purpose).
Then rinse from the top down to finish the cleaning process.

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