Vehicle Hire

Keeping the fleet clean may not seem to be a major expense, but costs in man hours, water use and unproductive vehicle time can add up. Our systems are designed to suit existing setups, keeping initial costs low.

Vehicle Hire - Chiefs Australia

Turnaround time

Preserving the quality presentation of vehicles and equipment for hire and quickly putting back into service again, needs to be seamless. Chiefs solutions provide consistent results utilising a simple wash technique and purpose designed chemicals. Using smart engineering rather than brute force, a Chiefs system will refine the wash process by reducing the number of wash steps and the amount of chemical consumed.

Vehicle Hire - Chiefs Australia

Equipment of all shapes and sizes

Chiefs applicators are able to produce a dense, creamy foam at low dilutions, even as low as 1%. This application method delivers the right product directly to the hardest places to reach. Chiefs products, designed to be gentle on the paint, effectively loosen the grime allowing the operator to remove contamination with a simple high-pressure wash.

Vehicle Hire - Chiefs Australia

Paint Longevity

All Chiefs products have been proven with regular use on new paint and help to preserve the paint work by pulling at the grime rather than cutting through it. Chiefs degreasing systems gently emulsify the hydrocarbons, breaking down the adhering ability of grease and allowing cold water to easily remove it. This avoids the streaking and chalking of paint caused by caustic chemicals and gives the reassurance of quality products at work.

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