Keeping the fleet clean may not seem to be a major expense, but costs in man hours, water use and unproductive vehicle time can add up. Our systems are designed to suit existing setups, keeping initial costs low.

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Sustainable cleaning systems

Reducing water and chemical inputs, shortening wash time and minimising the labour content of washing, are the proven results of Chiefs systems. Utilising the best in German engineering to simplify the application process, magnifies the cleaning ability of Chiefs unique chemicals, allowing the efficient removal of heavy contamination in fewer steps.

Mining - Chiefs Australia

Reduce toxic output

The most significant benefit is the reduction of clean water consumed. Chiefs chemicals are highly concentrated and very effective, requiring less water to apply and less to wash off. This refined process gives the additional benefit of reducing wastewater and chemical use.

Mining - Chiefs Australia

Increase throughput

Shortening the cycle time increases the capacity of the wash bay. It is, however, important to do this without compromising the quality of the wash. By studying and testing washing processes around the world, Chiefs have designed solutions that have heavily influenced equipment cleaning nationally.

Mining - Chiefs Australia

Clean ‘everywhere’

Applying the correct products as a dense, creamy foam, simplifies the cleaning of hard to reach places. These places tend to be heavily soiled and require intense washing to ensure the contaminates don’t leave the wash bay or pad. Under bodies and wheel spokes and arches are notoriously difficult to broom manually. The selection of the correct combination of hardware and chemicals made simple with Chiefs “touchless” solutions, mean that they’re ready-made and tailored to plug and play.

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