To achieve the highest hygiene standards, it is necessary to remove all remnant contamination that bacteria need to grow and to kill already existing bacteria. There is a simple process to achieve positive disinfection. A pre-rinse to remove heavy dirt and soil followed by an application of high-pressure foam delivering a suitable detergent quickly and evenly to the remaining contamination. A thorough power wash ensures there is little remaining organic matter to disrupt the effectiveness of the sanitiser. The final process of applying the right disinfection chemical is best achieved as a fog. Fogging helps the sanitisers to settle down on all surfaces, even if they are facing away from the fogging unit. Allowing the surface to dry completely ensures the best protection against new bacteria growth.

Chiefs have extensive technical experience in the foam and fog systems that offer the user solid bottom line savings. Applying detergents as high pressure foam extends their effective coverage and speeds up the process, potentially saving a lot of man hours.

Injecting disinfection agents through a pressure washer fogging unit saves having separate systems. Chiefs injectors allow multiple chemicals to be drawn simultaneously or individually and can be applied as foam, fog or at low pressure simply by changing the head.

Chiefs have a disinfection cold fog device for agriculture, breeding and the food industry.

With our recent acquisition of the ST-83, we can offer an inexpensive and safe application for disinfection, humidification or insect control of interiors, stables or greenhouses.

The disinfection cold fog machine is also particularly suitable for use on construction sites for dust binding or mould removal. Inhalation of disinfectant, pesticide or other active ingredient solutions can simply be prevented since rooms do not have to be entered.

All that is required is a compressed air connection and handling is extremely simple.

This new product is now available and further information on the ST-83 cold disinfection device can be found by clicking on this links

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