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Investment in agricultural equipment can be significant and cleaning some of the unique machinery is difficult due to its size and shape. Chiefs have multiple plug and play systems designed to ‘touchlessly’ clean even the hardest to reach places. German made Suttner hardware tailored to the application, coupled with the correct Chiefs chemical gives the advantage of reducing labour by creating an intense foam that enhances cleaning and removing the need for manual brooming.

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Intuitive Cleaning

Using a system that is designed to speed up the washing process creates savings in water, labour and time. The foaming hardware is robust and easy to use enabling the operator to quickly apply and rinse the cleaning products. This helps to ensure that there is no compromise in the end result and the integrity of the paint is maintained.

Agriculture - Chiefs Australia

Fewer steps and less water

Engineered Chemicals specific to the task can cut out the brooming component, leaving just a thorough power-wash and rinse to adequately clean even large equipment. Chiefs chemicals are designed to ‘pull’ at the contamination rather than cutting through, a much safer and more efficient method of cleaning.

Agriculture - Chiefs Australia


Solving grease and releasing heavy contamination can be achieved with much less effort when using the correct product. Chiefs have created degreasing systems that breakdown the hydrocarbons allowing them to be rinsed away easily. Chiefs Duo wash system is arguably one of the most powerful cleaning products on the market today and deals with the worst contamination effortlessly even spray rig booms and old stains.

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