The Suttner ST-83 disinfection cold fogging device is perfect for disinfection, humidification, cooling, odour neutralisation, pest control, mould treatment and dust deposition. The cold disinfection device can be placed in a room on its own. The cold mist spreads throughout the room and penetrates even the smallest cracks. The device comes with two nozzle inserts, one for better swirling suitable in smaller rooms such as passenger compartments. The other nozzle has a larger throw range for the treatment of entire rooms or for targeted treatment at the air intake of ventilation systems. A compressed air connection is required, the air inlet is a series 25 probe.

A window bracket is available for use with the ST-83 Cold Fogging device, which is deal for internal vehicle disinfection. The bracket enables the ST-83 Cold Fogging Device to securely onto a vehicle window whilst disinfecting the interior of the vehicle. Extremely important technology in finding a strategy for many businesses coming out of lockdown during the current pandemic.

Important Information

There are two nozzles included with the ST-83. A swirl nozzle and straight nozzle, below is a guide as to the settings to be used for each nozzle. It is extremely important to have the pressure correctly set. If the pressure is too low you will not get the required venturi effect to lift any liquid for effective fogging. If the pressure is too high, the air pressure will overcome the venturi effect. Both scenarios will reduce the devices ability to fog correctly.

Also, the ST78 Fogging/Micro Droplet Nozzle Holder can be attached to the Suttner Longcast Lance for a number of uses including dust precipitation, cooling, humidification, decontamination, disinfection, odour neutralisation in agriculture, food and construction industry, safety and fire-fighting equipment, car wash and processing industries. 

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