ST-83 Cold-Fog Air Hand Tool


The ST-83 cold fog hand tool is perfectly suited for the fogging application of disinfectants, odor neutralisers and insecticides.
These units are made in Germany using a new cold fogging technology, requiring a compressed air connection with an effective air volume of around 180-220 l/min and at least 3 bar (44psi) air pressure.
This will achieve a dropplet size of below 30µm (0.03mm) with higher air pressures creating smaller droplets. The size of droplets will however depend on the type of disinfectant/product due to the influence on the surface tension of various products.
The ST-83 is supplied with a 1 liter tank, which will cover around 60m³.
This is an effective solution for disinfecting offices, veterinary surgeries, truck and earthmoving cabs, taxis and all public transport.

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