Disinfectant Kit 1 - Rollover


This kit has been designed to apply a disinfectant at precise ratios (from 0.25% – 13% product) via a Suttner ST160 downstream high-pressure chemical injector. This injector is coupled to a Suttner ST175 Roll over lance which consists of a normal high-pressure lance and a chemical lance fitted with a foamer (please note that the foamer can be changed to a low-pressure tip or oversized tip to inject disinfectant).

We have added a high quality Suttner ST2300 gun that is fitted with a swivel and KW quick connector enabling you to simply connect various applicators such as foamers, lances, turbo heads etc, to the gun.

Included is a lid kit (excluding the lid as different chemical containers have different lids) for safe handling and application of the product.

Please note that we DO NOT supply disinfectants or sanitisers and these systems are for outdoor use only

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