Active Diamond is a concentrated alkaline exterior touchless cleaning agent, which is phosphate free and contains less than 0.08% sodium hydroxide, when applied through a high pressure foamer.

This product is recommended for cleaning trailers and under bodies, earthmoving gear, agricultural tractors, harvesters, stock crates etc.

This product is safe on all paints and chrome but care should be taken when using it on mirror polished, untreated aluminium as the product could leave a white veil or stain the aluminium.

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All Nerta soaps are applied through a high pressure foamer and need to be applied between 80 and 100:1 water to soap.

There are two types of foamer sold through Nerta

PA Foamer – these foamers are supplied with a 1 litre bottle.

Add between 150ml – 200ml soap to the bottle and fill the rest with water. Please ensure that the soap adjusting knob on top is turned fully clockwise.

Please note that these foamers are only rated to 2600 PSI / 180 BAR, should you pressure washer be rated over this please do not use.

Suttner Foamer – these foamers come with either a 1 or 2 litre bottle and have an integrated soap/water ratio mix adjuster on the foamer, this automatically mixes the soap and water at the correct ratios, therefore no mixing is required.

Please note that there are 4 models of Suttner foamers that need to be matched to the specification of your pressure washer namely pressure and flow.

Add pure Nerta soap and set the adjuster to setting 1 which will use around 2% soap and 98% water.

The 3 step Nerta cleaning system

Foaming – Apply an even layer foam onto the vehicle and allow to dwell for around 1 minute.

Washing – Using preferably a 25 degree nozzle start cleaning into fresh soap either from the bottom to the top or backwards covering all areas with high pressure water.

Rinsing – Rinse all excess soap thoroughly from the top to the bottom. Any soap residue may leave streak marks on the vehicle.

This product is safe on all paints and chrome but must notbe used on mirror polished aluminum, as the product will leave a white veil and streak marks on the surface. If you have mirror polished aluminium on your vehicle please use Platinum Wash.

Also, avoid letting the product dry on the vehicle, should this happen, please re-foam to reactivate the soap and wash off as per the above instructions.

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