Environmental & Safety Considerations2019-08-22T14:12:16+10:00

All our products are bio-degradable and our SDS documentation can be found in the Resources & Downloads section of this website. We do advise that users follow the PPE recommendations in the SDS.

Our goal at Chiefs is to remain an entrepreneurial and independent company by bringing sustainable solutions for cleaning in the car & truck wash industry. Our detergent manufacturing plants are some of the most progressive and environmental-friendly within the sector.

How do I purchase Chiefs/Nerta products?2018-09-14T04:58:22+10:00

You can purchase from any one of our retailers, all of which can be found in our'WHERE TO BUY' section.

Alternatively, you can go to our 'PRODUCTS' page which contains our online store on this website, or contact our sales office at [email protected]¬†or by calling (07) 5493 8868.


What are the main products available?2017-11-02T22:10:18+10:00