Hurricane HUR-520 (80.603)


The Hurricane makes easy work of cleaning underneath vehicles.

It can be used on cars, trucks, agricultural machinery and more. It is used at construction sites and other types of companies without using a car lift.

The Hurricane is time saving and cost effective and can be used with cold or hot water.

There are different sizes and models with diameters of 520 or 750. They come with HP nozzles or with Stabilizer nozzles.

With gun+stabiliser nozzle (2 x 0003 EG nozzles)

Pressure 275bar (27.5Mpa)
Temperature 120°C
RPM max. 2000 rpm
Housing ø520
Water connection G3/8“F
Nozzle connection 2 x1/8“NPTF
Throughput medium water (pH 3-12)
Clearance 230mm

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