AXEL 2000 Foam Pump Sprayer


After being filled (up to 2/3 l) and short pumping (up to 4 bar), the AXEL foam sprayer is immediately ready for use.
Three more foam nozzles are included in the scope of supply.

Depending on the foam carpet to be generated, they can be changed quickly.

This is why this sprayer is unique in terms of its various fields of use.

Thanks to the EPDM seals, the sprayer is perfectly suitable for a large number of cleaning agents/shampoos.

When removing the foam nozzle inserts, AXEL 2000/3000 can be used like a normal pressure sprayer, too.

This is why the AXEL foam sprayers are probably the best foam sprayers of this type available in the market.

Equipment: » incl. 3 more foam nozzles with exchangeable

» EPDM seal kit

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