ST-77 Foam Lance Brass- 1.25 + 1L Bottle



The ST77 Foamer features an outlet nozzle that operates in vertical or horizontal positions with a metering valve for chemical mix settings. The differences between this and the ST73 models is that it has a brass fitting instead of stainless steel, it only comes with a 1 litre bottle and is only available with a 1.25 injector. (see Suttner selection guide for pressure cleaner compatibility)

Click here to view the Suttner Foamer Selection Guide before proceeding…

The easy to fill, wide mouth bottle has Fill/Mix markings on the side and grip for easy bottle changing. The stainless steel non-corrosive injector nozzle is perfect for a wide range of uses.

The Suttner design cuts the chemical consumption by 50% over the competitors models. The use of foam cuts cleaning time and reduces labour cost.

This is the right tool to get the job done easily and efficiently. Perfect for more effective cleaning in industry, agriculture, automotive, fleet, institutional and food processing!
This model has a 1.25mm injector and is know as the BLACK Suttner, due to it’s black feed tube nipple.

Suttner Foam Lance Manual

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