ST-49 Milling Nozzle 3/8"F (4 Front Jets & 6 Rear Jets)


For tubes > 30 mm
Lateral front jets with hardened stainless steel
nozzle inserts

With its 3 to 4 very strong concentrated forward jets and the sharp cutting
edges the milling type nozzles will tear through almost any kind of
blo-ckage. The sharp edges cut, break and penetrate through every kind
of blockage. Made out of wear-resistant, hardened stainless steel.
All nozzles are equipped with replaceable hardened stainless steel rear and
centric front jets. Due to this feature the efficiency is considerably higher
compared to those nozzles with drilled holes and the service
life is several times longer.

Inlet: 3/8″ Female
Nozzle: 100
Jets: 4 Front
Jets: 6 Rear
Max Press: 350 Bar

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