This kit contains 25 litres of Active Diamond, 5 litres of Super Degreaser and a Suttner high pressure foamer, ideal for cleaning earth moving gear and heavy equipment quickly and efficiently. Please note that the Super Degreaser cannot be mixed with water so needs to be applied at 100% through a pump or pressure sprayer. Apply Super Degreaser over grease and oil stains. Use the Active Diamond on setting 1 in the foamer (use at 100%) and apply over the Super degreaser to the rest of the vehicle, wash off with high pressure water.

Do not use on highly polished aluminium as it may cause streaking or staining.

Suttner foamers are the only foamers available that automatically mix soap and water to the correct ratios. We have 3 foamer models that are dependant on your pressure washer specifications.

To ensure you get the correct foamer, please checkout the guide before choosing either a Black, Red or Blue Foamer. You will need your pressure washer flow rate in litres per minute and the actual water pressure rate in either PSI or BAR. Simply cross reference these two values on the chart provided and whatever colour it falls on, is the foamer that matches your pressure washer.

Click here to view the Suttner Foamer Selection Guide before proceeding…