The Complete Rollover Kit includes a Suttner Rollover Lance, downstream injector to suit your pressure cleaner and the necessary lid kit to draw chemical from the drum.
The gun is not included.
ST-175 Twin Foam Lance (Rollover)
ST-29 Lance Extension 330mm
ST-31 Intake Strainer – no check valve- 6-8mm Hose Tail w Stainless Steel Weight
ST-75 Air Injector Nozzle
Diffuser Nozzle 2.0mm
ST-160 Injector Nozzle
ST160 Housing
Hose Tail Injector Kit 9mm
Suction Marking Ring – for Foaming Agent Blue
Chemical Restrictor
Ceramic Nozzle
Spare Restrictor Set (Plastic)
Clear Reinforced PVC Hose 9X3- 2m

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