Platinum Wash – Aluminium Friendly Truck Wash.


A high performing vehicle wash product, specifically developed to provide thorough cleaning of trucks or any vehicle with highly polished aluminium areas, without staining or streaking.


Special Order. Up to 10 days lead time


Also available in 5 litre bottles and 20 litre drums.


Product Info

Mixing Ratio – 4:1 as a general rule or in a 1 litre PA foaming bottle 200ml Platinum Wash and 800 ml water.

Setting 1 on a Suttner foamer with no dilution.

Cleaning – foam from the bottom to the top. Allow to dwell for around 1 minute.

Using preferably a 25 degree nozzle, start cleaning from the bottom to the top covering all areas (always clean into fresh soap using the high pressure water as a water broom)

Rinsing – rinse any excess soap from the top to the bottom.

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