Earthmoving gear is probably the hardest working equipment in the world and possibly the dirtiest.

Chiefs products make keeping it clean easy and fast, so you can get it back to work sooner.  Most earthmoving equipment is not easy to clean due to the shape and size. Our products are touchless, and when applied through our foamers, make easy work of the ‘hard to reach areas’.

We developed a degreaser that ‘solves’ the oil and grease slicks, making them simple to remove.  Even better than that, the slick won’t just smear from place to place but will quite literally melt away.  Time is money in earthmoving and our systems and methods save it by the bucket load.

We have made kits available to suit most applications, including a range of Suttner high pressure foamers. If you have any questions please give us a call on 07 5493 8868 or by email at [email protected]