Ag equipment is expensive stuff.  Most people live in houses worth less than a harvester.  So cleaning your equipment to protect that investment makes sense.

The rigours of farming and the unique contaminates encountered require a different approach to conventional wash methods.  Products designed to breakdown heavy grime without harsh ingredients that adversely affect paint are what we are renowned for.

Quick efficient washing that results in a better job.  Our customers often make comments about the grime that comes out of places they previously hadn’t ever been able to clean.  Everything from spray rig booms to headers, the Chiefs systems make washing simple and fast.

We have made available kits to suit most applications, the main difference within these kits are the foamers, we have a Suttner foamer which automatically mixes the soap and water to the correct ratios and a PA foamer where soap and water needs to be mixed manually (200ml soap to 800ml water) If you have any questions please give us a call on 07 5493 8868 or by email at [email protected]